PLAYER PROFILE: Riverside-Brookfield High School all-conference linebacker, running back and special teams ace who had 51 tackles (including six for loss), a sack, blocked punt, safety, nine punts for 253 yards, along with 38 carries for 227 yards and two touchdowns this season. He’s also the Bulldogs’ starting catcher on the baseball team.

Despite a frustrating season, what will you remember most about your senior year with RBHS football? Of all the teams I’ve played on in my athletic career, this is the closest group of teammates I’ve ever had. I feel like every kid on our team is a close friend of mine.

What did you learn from this season? No matter what’s going on or being said, I learned about the importance of doing your job on the football field. Everybody has to be pulling in the same direction.

What was the challenge like playing multiple positions for the Bulldogs? It’s a big role. Coaches have to find the right guy to take on that kind of responsibility. I felt like I was the guy to do it because I wanted to be there for my head coach [Brendan Curtin].

Are there similarities between the RBHS football coach (Brendan Curtin) and RBHS baseball coach (Dallas Till)? Two very solid coaches. I think both guys are down-to-earth and very honest. I really believe coach Curtin is turning the football program for the better, and coach Till is the best coach I’ve ever played for in terms of baseball.

How do you like catching for the Bulldogs’ all-state pitcher Will Kincanon? Will is a very strong pitcher who throws hard and can really locate his pitches. I just try to make sure I’m solid defensively and not allow any passed balls.

I understand you come from a huge family, what’s that experience like? It’s pretty cool. When we get together as a family, there are so many stories we share. I have a bunch of uncles who played sports; I love to hear their stories.

Favorite movie and TV show? Friday Night Lights is my favorite movie. ESPN is pretty much all I watch on TV.

Favorite food? Spaghetti

Favorite vacation spot? Italy

Which actor would you choose to portray you in a movie? The Rock, people say I look like him.

If you could have dinner with a famous person- dead or alive- who would you choose? I’d pick Shoeless Joe Jackson. I’d like to talk with him just because he was around baseball so much. I’d probably eventually ask him about the 1919 Black Sox scandal.

Who’s been a role model for you? My dad. He has always supported me especially when I started playing sports at like 4 years old.

You have some funny stories from your St. Mary youth football days, care to enlighten us? Once I was running for a touchdown and this little white dog started chasing me into the end zone. Another time I was so excited after I scored a touchdown, I spiked the football. My coaches made me write an essay on why I shouldn’t spike the football. I definitely have a lot of great memories playing for the St. Mary Demons.

Interviewed by: Marty Farmer, Sports Editor