By now you have finished the last morsel of turkey and the fixin’s and if you have any left over, its time has passed. Remember, you can have turkey at other times, not only Thanksgiving. 

 So with the feeding frenzy over, we now begin the Christmas shopping frenzy, which began shortly after, or before, Halloween, seeming to bypass Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving was later this year which may have made a difference. So we have Black Thursday, Black Friday and every other day in the week with stores opened at ridiculous times. 

Having fallen asleep in my Laz-y-girl chair Thanksgiving evening, I vaguely remember waking up at about 3 a.m. to drag myself upstairs to bed, then it dawned on me that somewhere very close to our house people were out shopping! 

I admire those of you who have the stamina and the desire to embark on these missions, and you did get some great deals while me, I got some needed sleep.

So here I am at the computer doing a column, after which I will stay on the computer because it is Cyber Monday, which followed Cyber Sunday, and maybe there will be a cyber Tuesday. There is something relaxing about “shopping” from home in my “jammies” and there are no crowds, but I will have to venture out eventually and do what I call an “assault” on the stores.

Locally, one can find gift items that can’t be found at the “big stores” and to start the quest to shop locally, Riverside’s 39th Annual Holiday Stroll on Friday, Dec. 6 will give “strollers” through town a chance to see what is available. 

Santa likes Riverside and will make his entrance on Burlington at 5:30 p.m. to be on hand as the Tower and a Christmas tree will be lit. Local businesses and merchants will have their shops open to show what is available. Goodies galore, the Polk Brothers’ Santa in the window at Aunt Diana’s, a star from Higgins’ Glass, look in the Landmark for a complete listing of places to go and things to do at the Stroll.

I still miss Marshall Field’s at Christmastime with Uncle Mistletoe and Aunt Holly. Anyone remember the Cinnamon Bear?