The little girl pulled herself up on the chair to get a better look at the goodies that were on the table following a delicious Christmas Eve dinner. Her eyes were eye level with a cake with white frosting and decorated with crushed candy canes to give it a holiday look. 

She looked at the grownup who was sitting next to her and proclaimed, “That is a birthday cake.” 

The adult, in a pleasant manner and wanting to correct her, said it was a holiday cake not a birthday cake, but the little girl, with the wisdom that can only be possessed by a child replied, “No it’s a birthday cake, because it is Jesus’ birthday.”

Overhearing the conversation, I realized I was being reminded of the reason for the season. 

I still had things to do the day after Christmas, but I kept the little girl’s remarks in my head; believe it or not I still had some cards to send. My rationale for procrastinating was I felt the recipients would have more time to enjoy our greetings, and it would give me a chance to write a New Year’s greeting. 

There were holiday wrappings to be put back in the bag to be saved for next year — some of the holiday bags and boxes had seen quite a few holidays, but the family isn’t fussy. However, I did toss out those that had seen better years.

We have small artificial trees, one in the living room and one in the TV room, which will stay up until “Little Christmas,” which is Jan. 6 — the Feast of the Magi. Why do I do that? Because that is what my mom did, so it is a tradition. And since I don’t have to worry about needles all over, the tree can stay up and then go into the bag until next year.

Now we look to the year 2014. It seems it was not long ago when we went into a new century. Remember all the things that were going to occur? Well they didn’t and we survived. I anticipate some good things happening in our area in the year 2014 and look forward to it.

May you keep the holiday spirit in your heart during the coming year and I wish you all peace. Maybe if we view the world and people with the innocence of a child we will enjoy peace.