It is good to be someone who gives back to the community and various organizations for no other reason than to be of service. But it is nice when those people are recognized for their efforts. 

Fitting that description are Steve Kubiczky and Ann Dynako-Kubiczky, both Riverside residents, who will be awarded the William Jansky Distinguished Citizen Award by the Riverside Township Lions Club at their February meeting. The award is given annually and named in honor of the late Bill Jansky, who was active in the community as well as the Lions Club.

While normally this award is given to an individual, in this case it is hard to not recognize what Ann and Steve by have done not only as individuals but as a couple. Their efforts have extended far outside the boundaries of Riverside, and each has a long and impressive resume, too long to be completely mentioned in this column.

Ann Dynako-Kubiczky is a presence with Riverside Township Board as a trustee. She has been a docent for Olmsted Society house walks, a “cuddler” at Rush Hospital and a lector at St. Mary Parish. Dominican University bestowed upon her an award for exemplary service.

Along with serving the parish and volunteering at Rush with his wife, Steve has also been active with Riverside Township having been the township collector for a number of years. He served the community as a trustee of the Riverside Public Library and formerly served as a trustee at Triton College, where he served on four committees.

Both are involved in politics and continue to give their help to the community wherever they can together or individually. Their quiet and reserved manner indicates they are not looking for recognition but a desire to do their part, which makes them very deserving of the William Jansky Distinguished Citizen, or in this case “Citizens,” Service Award.

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