Everybody talks about it, but no one does anything about it because they can’t. I’m writing about the weather, of course. Even now as I pen this column, I am staring out the window at the “next wave” of snow to hit our area. It’s hard to believe that each one of those little flakes is different; I would think by now that Mother Nature would have run out of designs.

The snow is pretty, but it has worn out its welcome and I think I speak for many of you. There was a time when the first snow would excite me; that was then, this is now. 

However if you are a snow bunny this weather can be to your advantage. We could have held a mini-Olympics, particularly since we had more snow and cold than Sochi, Russia. We have the ice rink in Big Ball Park and Swan Pond for sledding. With some planning we could have had cross-country skiing. 

Many of you may remember when the bicycle shop, operated by Rich Grove, was in the corner store of the Arcade Building. In the winter he had cross-country skis for rent and the trails would be full. 

Riverside-Brookfield High School even had students take classes in the sport and they would go as a group to learn how to cross-country ski. Occasionally we see a skier now going along the path past Indian Gardens, but not as many as years ago. 

Perhaps we might want to look into it for next year, using the train station as the starting point and the Scout Cabin as a resting post, complete with chili and hot chocolate. It’d be a way to market the town and take advantage of what we have here.

We could have made good use of our “snowed in” time by reading a good book or cleaning a closet but most of us didn’t. The Olympics have taken some of our time and on some station there is always Law and Order

For now it’s boots on, boots off. I think I will make a few snowballs and put them in the freezer as a reminder of this when we have those hot, hot days and complain about the heat.

How many inches? Too many. How cold has it been? Too cold.