Next year, Spanish will be the only foreign language taught at Brookfield’s Congress Park Elementary School. 

On April 24, the Brookfield-LaGrange Elementary School District 102 Board of Education capped off a nearly yearlong review of its foreign language program by voting 5 to 2 to accept an administration proposal to return to just teaching Spanish in kindergarten through sixth grade.

This year fifth-graders in District 102 were exposed to three foreign languages. In the first trimester they studied Spanish, in the second semester they chose either French or Italian, and in the third trimester they studied German.

Sixth-graders chose one of those four languages to study for the entire year.

But in 2014-15, all students in kindergarten through sixth grade will just study Spanish. In kindergarten through second grade, students will get one 30-minute session of Spanish each week. Third- through sixth-graders will have two 30-minute sessions of Spanish each week.

French and Spanish will continue to be offered to seventh- and eighth-graders at Park Junior High School with teacher-led instruction. Current sixth-graders who wish to continue on in German or Italian at Park will be able to do so, but will only receive Rosetta Stone computer-based instruction.  

The district will continue using Rosetta Stone computerized instruction in Spanish for fifth and sixth grades, combined with teacher-directed instruction.  

“The blended model using the Rosetta Stone technology is only at the fifth and sixth grades,” said Lori Gehrke, the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction in District 102. 

Board members Dawn Aubert and Rebecca Davies voted against the proposal because they objected to the $40,000 cost of using Rosetta Stone.