Is it hard for you to believe that the PEP Party does not have any plan for improving Brookfield? If you believe Kit Ketchmark and Mike Garvey, you would think that the village board works on economic development 16 hours a day with just enough time for sleep. 

According to Garvey and Ketchmark, they passed a liquor license for fraternal organization, they discussed and will apply for a CMAP grant to work on the zoning code. Wow, that is economic development! 

Only problem is neither item was initiated by the board. The license was requested by the organization and the CMAP was staff being notified and the board taking advantage of an opportunity, which, frankly, my 14 year old could have done in both instances with the same outcome. 

PEP just doesn’t get it. They sit on the board and, like royalty, give their blessing or not on other peoples actions and ideas. Ketchmark and Garvey have become incompetent elected officials. 

Personally I think Ketchmark has been a puppet for too long, first by puppeteer Gail Cabala now by Garvey. Don’t forget, these guys have been doing this for years and still have no idea how to improve the process.

When has this PEP board ever planned how to meet the village goals or reviewed the village goals? Did you know that we have village goals that were determined over two years ago? 

The board at that time, many of whom were sitting elected officials at that time, went through the process of determining village-wide goals. That was a good first step. But as PEP has a history of doing while running the village, the second step never happens. 

What should have happened was you take the goals and then go to each department of the village and ask them to develop a plan or path forward to meet each goal. That is step two. 

Now, you have staff report to the village manager and president monthly on their progress and quarterly to the village board at a board meeting. That would be step three or actual follow up, which PEP does not know or care about. Now you could be making real improvements in our village, and every year you again review the goals and make adjustment to continue the growth. 

This would help our village to focus our staff and resident efforts as well as our limited financial resources. PEP either doesn’t get it or they just don’t care. I have said it before, we are run by a PEP board that reacts and has no vision, and they can only work on problems, not ideas. We really need other voices on the board. 

Michael Towner