The Riverside Chamber of Commerce added another name to its list of more than 60 names, when Patty Miglore was chosen the 2014 Riverside Township Person of the Year. 

Chosen by a committee of representatives from the Riverside Chamber of Commerce and the Riverside Township Lions Club, the honor is bestowed on the person for his or her contributions to the community — which can take many forms. 

The announcement of the honoree occurs at the annual Chamber of Commerce Steak Fry held in June. The announcement of Miglore as this year’s Person of the Year was met by a standing ovation.

Miglore is best known for being the face behind the counter and the creative chocolatier at Aunt Diana’s Fudge Shop at 29 E. Burlington St. in Riverside. “Auntie Patty” as she is affectionately known by many, was only two years out of Morton High School when she came to work at the store for Jerry Gits on May 6, 1973; the store had just opened in February of 1973. 

She has been there ever since, a loyal employee and a friend to the many customers. Over the years she has employed many of the young people in the area, watching them grow into adulthood and return to visit her to remember their time in her employ.

Her generosity has been experienced by many through her donations of raffle prizes — who wouldn’t want to win one of the 10-pound chocolate bars? Her thoughtfulness is experienced by those who have felt sadness in their lives as they receive a tray of goodies from the shop. Her specially created items have adorned the tables at many weddings, showers, communions and birthdays.

Miglore has come to work every day for the past 41 years and says she enjoys the creative part of the job.

“The older I get, the more creative I get,” she says. “The days go by slow, but the years fly past.”

In addition to remembering birthdays and special occasions in people’s lives, Miglore is a fan of the Cubs, Bulls and Hawks, and she also enjoys watching “Jeopardy.” If you ever need a good trivia partner, Patty is the one to call.

As the Person of the Year, Miglore will ride in Riverside’s July 4 parade (I hear she is practicing her parade wave) and will be honored at a dinner at the Riverside Golf Club in September. 

More information on that event will be coming, and can be found in the Landmark.