Last week, following a particularly nasty incident in the forest preserve area near the Barrypoint Road bridge in Riverside Lawn, both Riverside’s police chief and the Landmark called upon the Cook County Forest Preserve District police and police from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to step up patrols in the woods and along the riverfront, which fall within their jurisdictions.

On Monday, Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel reported that he had personally received a phone call from CCFP Police Chief John Roberts and from an official at the IDNR, both of whom pledged to increase patrols in that area.

Weitzel gave both agencies information on when activity peaks during the summer months in particular. The IDNR told Weitzel it would follow up with Riverside police to report on whether the agency issued any citations as a result of their increased patrols.

It’s good to know Riverside and Lyons police don’t have to go it alone over there in Riverside Lawn. Here’s hoping the county and IDNR make good on their promises.