We in our area are very fortunate when it comes to choices of ethnic cuisine and satisfying whatever it is one has a taste for. 

My Aunt Inez, who was a terrific northern Italian cook, would get a taste for Bohemian food so out to the suburbs she would come. Even my best friend, Jean Kelly Galanti, formerly of Riverside, brought her sons here from Indianapolis to taste the best Bohemian food, lamenting there were no Bohemian restaurants in Indianapolis. 

Fortunately, when we crave we have Little Bohemia and Riverside Restaurant within the Riverside borders. We are able to satisfy our taste buds when it comes to Italian, Greek and Mexican food and not go far.

There has also been the ability to purchase some of the staples to make different meals at specialty foods which are located nearby. I can remember going with my mother to an Italian store on 26th Street in Berwyn to get lunch meat and then came D’Andrea’s, which we really miss.

However, we can still go to Vesuvio in North Riverside to get that small-store flavor. Cermak Road had numerous stores and bakeries (Yay, Vesecky’s, you’re still there!) catering to the Bohemian population. Berwyn was the home of Chateau Dumplings, made by the Shotola family, formerly of Riverside.

Many of the stores are no longer around so it isn’t as easy to find some of the favorites for Husband Joe. That means he can’t find jaternice. That, of course, does not bother me, but his problem becomes my problem. 

It is a Czech sausage that usually is not on the menu at Bohemian restaurants and I understand why. He was able to purchase it until recently at a small store in Westchester but the man retired, no more jaternice. He has been on a quest to find the “jets,” as they are sometime referred to, and each time there has been a recommendation he seeks it out. So far, not so good. 

So I am appealing to my readers who may know where Husband Joe can satisfy his urge for jaternice. You don’t even have to admit liking it to let me know of its availability. As for me, there’s nothing like a good piece of Italian sausage, bratwurst or a good old Chicago-style hot dog. I don’t have to go far to get any of those.

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