What is it about the stretch of Ogden Avenue that goes through Brookfield, from First Avenue going west to East Avenue? When I drive that stretch of road, I grit my teeth and feel uncomfortable for some reason, and then as I continue west through LaGrange, Hinsdale and beyond, I find myself relaxing and enjoying the scenery more. 

As the Lorax would say, “It’s the trees!” 

There are a serious lack of trees, bushes and greenery in general up and down Ogden in Brookfield. I think the village, especially with a village president who owns a landscape company, would realize that planting trees up and down Ogden would bring tremendous benefits to the community. 

Trees bring a sense of elegance and class. With more greenery, perhaps a more diverse group of business would want to plant themselves on Ogden in Brookfield, rather than just auto parts stores and body shops.

Greg Textrum


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