Due to the number of people who have expressed interest in participating in Brookfield’s flood mitigation program, trustees on Monday night gave the go-ahead to spend an additional $100,000 toward the plan in 2014 — doubling the amount the village had originally budgeted.

“After the last few rains, we’ve had a lot of people put their names on the list,” said Village Manager Ricardo Ginex.

The flood mitigation program, launched in the summer of 2013, provides residents who participate with reimbursement for a portion of the cost for installing flood-control systems in their homes.

The program reimburses 50 percent, up to $5,000, for installing overhead sewers; 50 percent, up to $4,000, for installing a backflow prevention valve with a pump; and 50 percent, up to $3,000, for installing a backflow prevention valve.

Homeowners are also required by village ordinance to disconnect their downspouts from the sewer system.
In 2013, the village spent about $120,000 to assist 45 homeowners in completing the installation of flood-control systems. So far in 2014, another 23 homeowners have participated, with the village expecting to reimburse them about $90,000.

However, said Ginex, 77 property owners remain on the waiting list. By earmarking another $100,000 for the program in 2014, the village can get through that list more quickly.

“That way we can get another 30 to 35 residents hooked up with assistance,” said Ginex.

According to Ginex, the additional money for the expanded 2014 flood mitigation program will come from the village’s water and sewer fund, which as of Jan. 1, 2014, had about $3.7 million in reserve.

Ginex said that in the next couple of years, there won’t be much of a waiting list for the program.

“We’re going to reach a point in the next two to three years, where the residents who really wanted to take part will have taken part in it,” said Ginex.