Never in my 15 years plus of writing this column has a subject evoked such a response. Of course who could have guessed it would be about jaternice, aka the “Bohemian bananas” and “jets,” the Bohemian sausage coveted by many but found by a few. The quest to satisfy Husband Joe’s appetite for the delicacy was the subject of this column on July 15.

Readers, you did not disappoint me and for that I thank you. Your responses came in the form of eight comments five letters, numerous phone calls and face-to-face encounters — that doesn’t even count the ones that went to editor Bob Uphues — with some even asking to pass on the information of where to get jaternice

I have learned much about the subject and enjoyed talking to people who were glad to share their feelings about jaternice. Conversations with Mike Dropka and Joe Dvorak gave me an insight into family meals and feelings about the sausage. Finding out it is a desirable meal to so many almost (almost) makes me feel guilty that I don’t care for it.

Now for what I have learned since my quest began. I would like to say at the onset that we (I and Husband Joe) have not tasted jaternice from all the places I will mention and, rather than offend any one place, I will not endorse any one in particular. 

Locally, Tischler’s in Brookfield was often recommended, they carry jaternice that comes from the Crawford Sausage Company, which was also recommended. 

Other places it can be found include Josie’s Dumplings in Stickney, Joe and Frank’s at Harlem and Archer, Bobak’s, Shop and Save and Berwyn Fruit Market. I got directions for Lassak’s, all the way out on I-55 and Kingery; look for a small shopping square. 

Ellie Babka has some jaternice in her freezer that they get in Milwaukee when they attend a Sokol event. She offered to get us some when they go up there. Thank you, Ellie. 

I called Riverside Restaurant on Harlem Avenue, which has a great Bohemian menu and is owned by the Stanga family of Riverside. Their staff suggested Joe and Frank’s. I think that was all the places suggested. I hope this helps those seeking the elusive jaternice

Perhaps I will give it another try; maybe if I smother it with sauerkraut it will help. Don’t know how to say it in Czech, but enjoy.

So readers, thank you again for sharing with your stories and where to get the Bohemian bananas, proving, once again, Landmark readers are the best.