A serious water main break is about to foul up dismissal at Riverside-Brookfield High School.

At about 2:50 p.m., Riverside police were notified of the break on the south side of Ridgewood Avenue, roughly opposite of the old main entrance to the high school.

Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said that the street is cracked in the area of the main break and that water is flowing from it and beginning to pool in the street.

The eastbound lane of traffic on Ridgewood Road between Golf Road and First Avenue is closed to vehicles, although the westbound lane remains open at this time. Weitzel said the main break should not affect pedestrian traffic coming from the high school, since the break is located about 150 feet west of the temporary crosswalk across Ridgewood Road.

Weitzel said it’s unclear which agency owns the water pipe that has burst, but Riverside public works employees have been dispatched to the area.