As construction continues over near Riverside-Brookfield High School, the village of Riverside has embarked on another construction project in the area near the Forest Avenue bridge.

On Monday, crews started a water main replacement project on Groveland Avenue, and tomorrow work will begin on a similar water main project on Park Place. The work will prohibit through traffic on both streets Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the duration of the project, which is expected to be about a month.

No parking will be allowed on the south side of Park Place, although the village parking lot on the north side of the street will remain open to people who rent spaces there.

The $983,000 water main projects will include the installation of new 10-inch mains along both Groveland Avenue and Park Place. The main on Groveland will replace an 8-inch main located beneath the berm on the west side of the street.

In the wake of the April 2013 flooding, village officials suggested relocating that main, which they said could be compromised during a catastrophic flood event. Officials also feared that a major main break could compromise the integrity of the berm, said Riverside Public Works Director Edward Bailey.

The new Groveland Avenue water main, said Bailey, will be located beneath the sidewalk on the east side of the street. Crews will use an auger to bore a path for the new main, which will run from Forest Avenue to Park Place. The pipe will be located deep enough to minimize damage to tree roots, Bailey added.

In addition, the sidewalk on the east side of Groveland Avenue will be completely replaced.

Meanwhile, a new 10-inch water main will replace the existing 6-inch main on Park Place from Groveland to Kimbark. That main will be located under the street. The work will not require the entire roadway to be disturbed; sections of asphalt will be replaced.

At the same time, Riverside will also repair sections of three water mains that bring water from the village of McCook to Riverside. The 6-, 8- and 12-inch water mains cross under the Des Plaines River. Two of the pipes cross under the river near the Forest Avenue bridge, while another crosses near Coonley Road.

Two of the mains date to about 1900, said Bailey, while the third dates to 1955. The repair work will involve cleaning the pipes of accumulated mineral deposits and then lining them with what Bailey termed as a “composite material.”

The lining will help strengthen the old mains and extend their lives. 

York Road work coming soon

Within the next couple of weeks, work should also begin on York Road and Burling Road.

York Road, which at one time was simply an alley was eventually topped with asphalt and became a street — though one without a drainage system. The plan is to completely reconstruct York Road, installing curbs, gutters and a storm sewer system.

Burling Road, which the street that runs from Barrypoint Road to Riverside Road in front of Swan Pond Park and the Riverside Public Library, will be getting a simple resurfacing, along with some limited curb, gutter and sidewalk repair.

On Aug. 21 the Riverside Village Board awarded a $354,900 construction contract for the York and Burling road projects to Chicagoland Paving Contractors Inc., which was the lowest of three bidders.