We are now officially into fall. As a matter of fact, today is the second full day of the season. This just happens to be one of my favorite times of year, and what better place to be than in our area with all the trees getting ready to don their fall colors. 

I remember once when Husband Joe and I went on a short trip to “see the colors” only to find out we were too early. Upon returning to Riverside saw we didn’t have to go far, because the beauty of the season was right here.

Remember when you were a kid and raking leaves was fun, because you would get them in a big pile and jump in them? Remember when you could burn the leaves and put potatoes in the pile and cook them and, of course, make S’mores? 

As adults we don’t get to do those things anymore. We rake and bag leaves — can’t burn them anymore. Mulching is the best way to get rid of the leaves. Don’t you love the crunching sound?

Fall food! Apples, squash, pumpkin pie, oh my! It seems like nowadays you can get pumpkin flavor in just about every drink you could conceive. For some reason or another I get into a mood to bake this time of year; thank goodness for pre-made pie crusts. 

I’m one of those who will go online or cut out recipes to make a pumpkin pie and then wind up using the easy one on the can of pumpkin. I do use the fresh apples though.

I love fall activities like watching football. Friday night is for high school games, Saturday is for college and Sunday is for the pro teams, though the NFL has now broadened to every day it seems. 

School spirit can be seen by homes flying the flag of their college alma maters. Since I went to an all-girl college that no longer exists, I have no flag to fly, but I do support certain teams.

It’s also time to get out our artificial pumpkins and corn decorations, much to the disdain of the squirrels, which much preferred gnawing into the real pumpkins and biting on the corn. Sorry guys, we wanted our decorations to last a little longer and were tired of cleaning up the mess.

Well, it seems I have my fall schedule set, now to just relax and enjoy it. Happy fall y’all.