Over the past few weeks several things have come to light which are upsetting. The first is the total lack of outrage over the hit-and-run accident of a state trooper and the lack of outrage over the person who hit him and another vehicle with several passengers.

The real outrage should be reserved for the judge who released this woman with multiple DUIs in three years, and she’s scheduled to appear in the same judge’s court again.

Within hours she was behind the wheel of her car drunk again. Why? Not even the Landmark editorial showed any outrage. Are the police wasting their time arresting drunk drivers?

Second, thanks to Lisa Gaynor and David Kodama for wasting my time to vote by resigning from the District 96 school board. Too bad they did not realize how much time being a board member would require.

And why is Jennifer Leimberer so involved, stacking the deck and filling a meeting with people she chose to notify of the meeting. And why is she releasing the names of applicants for the openings?

Why didn’t the school board interview all the applicants instead of dismissing three without so much as an interview?

Lastly, thanks to Rick and his crew at the Riverside Garage for a great end-of-year car show — about 300 cars and great weather. I missed the Chamber of Commerce tent promoting the village and selling event T-shirts. I haven’t seen any all summer. I guess it’s easier to charge each car $5 upfront rather than do any work in promoting our village.

Having lived in Riverside for almost 30 years, Sept. 28 was the first time I was actually in Guthrie Park, and I saw the memorial for our fallen soldiers through the years, since World War I.

I was appalled by the lack of care that is evident. We make sure Longcommon Road is kept groomed as well as our business district, but something this important to our veterans and all Americans is unkempt, overgrown and a disgrace.

Frank Vlazny


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