Much of Riverside resident Haley Buntrock’s time during her years at Riverside Brookfield High School was spent toiling in the studios of RBTV. It opened a whole new world and set her on a path which she hopes will lead her to a career in documentary film making. 

She incorporated in her studies at the school with music — composing, playing and singing her original songs. Taught and encouraged by RBTV director and teacher Gary Prokes, Buntrock set her sights on winning the Crystal Pillar award Chicago/Midwest Chapter of the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS). 

In 2012, she received a Crystal Pillar for film production, an award equivalent to an Emmy for high school students. 

She continued her education at Columbia College in Chicago, where she is in her junior year and flourishing in her chosen field. This summer she challenged herself to produce a film in Sri Lanka concerning the saving of the elephants there. She both filmed and edited the piece, spending three weeks in Sri Lanka to learn more about the country and its problems.  

Her film had a two-fold purpose, to focus not only on the elephants but to give a voice to women in the film media. According to Haley, “I pledge to use my voice to challenge society’s limiting representations of gender.” 

She brought this message and her film to the American Association of University Women’s tea at the Riverside Public Library on Oct. 5. The response to her and her film were encouraging to the novice film maker.

Haley continues her studies at Columbia as a film major and plans to make documentary films which will bring to film the awareness of many causes. She continues to be a conscience for women in the media and hopes to add her name to the growing list of women directing documentaries.

When asked about her music, she said she is not writing as much as she used to but still finds it very enjoyable and relaxing.  In the meantime she will continue to focus her attention on her studies at Columbia and working and producing different projects at the school.  

While Haley Buntrock looks to make people aware of causes, people will become aware of the name Haley Buntrock. Could there be an Emmy or maybe an Oscar in her future?