While reviewing previous posts from the PEP Party of Brookfield Facebook page, I came across their platform from the 2013 election. One of their campaign promises was to “administer the Ogden Avenue TIF Districts in a professional, open and accountable manner to advance our economic development plan.” 

They also described themselves as “leadership that is responsible, honest and committed to improving Brookfield.”

Since the PEP Party posted this on their Facebook page, the PEP Party has their own economic development plan. Yet, when you ask for a copy of the plan, this is what you are told-and I am quoting:

“You’re not going to find one document within the village that deals with that.”

“You’re not going to find one particular document that deals with that.”

“You’re not going to find one singular document …there’s not one single document that will deal with this-and there can’t be.” 


I was told that the fountain at the circle was part of the economic development plan; so is the creek. No, I’m not kidding. Perhaps we’ll have a floating bar with video gaming terminals on Salt Creek near the Port O Brookfield.

If you want to hear this for yourself, go to the village’s website (mail.brookfieldil.gov/web/audio) and listen to the recording of the village board meeting for Nov. 24. At approximately the 2:45:25 mark, President Kit Ketchmark states, “Of course economic development is important and how we go about it and the plan for going about it.” 

There’s that word again: plan. So, if the plan is that important, where is the plan?

The PEP Party likes to talk themselves out of problems that they behave themselves into. 

If you were to ask any of our current trustees to explain in basic detail the Pep party economic development plan, I’m sure they’d all have a tough time. 

What I believe is AxF=R: Action times frequency equals results. Ask the current trustees to describe three or four “actions” that are being incorporated into attracting business to Brookfield. 

Next, inquire how many times it’s being done daily/weekly/monthly. Finally, ask them about the results. PEP has no plan. 

Look at all the vacant storefronts. Talk to our business owners; they don’t have a lot of kind words about the business climate/leadership in town. What’s most important is this: publish/disclose your plan for all to see. 

That way, you measure the success (or lack thereof) against the plan, as opposed to being told that you won’t find a single document that deals with economic development. You see President Ketchmark, that’s not leadership. 

It’s certainly not responsible and it’s not honest when your party and candidates state that you have a plan and you publicize this to the residents/voters and you cannot produce one. 

Most of all, I disagree with your assertion that you cannot have one single document that deals with economic development. Yes we can.

Mark Rogers


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