I wish that all could be caring and think first of all of those who are in need, those with bills that they cannot pay, those with mortgages that are too much to bear, those who are in danger of eviction, those who have concerns about buying prescriptions or seeing a dentist.

I wish that all people (at least one to start) would reach out to those around them and speak first to them, sit with them, make all feel included, no matter how hard it is to be the first.

I wish that no organization’s needs would come before those of residents, especially those who are most vulnerable, and in these unusual times, I wish that all would seek solutions that would never allow for services to be cut on those who are on fixed incomes, disabled or just making it on the minimum-wage salaries. 

I wish always that the people would be put first before all else and know we are all brothers and sisters, even before salaries, and there would be peace on earth, in each town, and trust so each one can truly see what they can do to promote the common good, before all else. 

I wish all would listen to one another and work together for the sake of the people.

Carol Spale

North Riverside