The 2014 holiday season is winding down and all the trappings of Christmas will be “carefully” returned to their boxes, cartons and whatever, hopefully in a manner that will make them easy to retrieve for Christmas 2015. 

I, for one, enjoy driving around to see the decorations, which are best seen at night; after all, that is when the inflatables are at their best. There’s nothing worse than seeing Santa flat on the front lawn alongside a deflated snowman. 

I do have some favorite displays that I look forward to each year, the Van Cura caroler display around the Scottswood Commons — a longtime Van Cura family treasure. The huge “Christmas tree” on the corner of Delaplaine and Nuttall Roads in Riverside which is fully lit, has been one of my favorites for years.

Nativity scenes have always held an interest, but this year the larger-than-life display on the front lawns of St. Mary Church in Riverside really piqued my interest. After a little investigation, I learned a few things to share. 

The display, which includes the Holy Family, Magi, animals and angels has been at the parish for approximately 18 years, as well as could be figured, according to Paulette Kernan, whose husband Bill along with John Borkevec and Jim Borelli carved the figures in the Kernan garage.

The idea for the display came from Father Tom Kaputis, who at the time was an associate at the parish. The figures, which are flat, were originally painted white. Years later they took on color they have today.

It is quite impressive to walk up the church stairs with an angel positioned as if it was heralding your arrival. The display is one I look forward to each year.

Kudos to residents of North Riverside for some great displays. I have enjoyed all the decorations and appreciate the hard work of those who painstakingly put them up. We also hope our decorations, which includes a pair of “candles” that I purchased at E.J. Korvettes for $1 each when they were closing in North Riverside many years ago, brought you holiday joy. I didn’t realize what a real deal they were.

The holidays at the Koseys continues until Jan. 6, which I call “Little Christmas,” so I still have a few more days left to celebrate. 

It also gives me enough time to wish you all the best of health and happiness in the year 2015.