Burglary Suspect

Brookfield police on Friday released a 1 minute, 29 second video to the public, hoping someone may be able to identify a person they believe may have been involved in a residential burglary last month on the village’s south side.

Captured on Jan. 16 at about 11:20 a.m. by a surveillance camera overlooking the alley behind the Galloping Host video arcade, 9415 Ogden Ave., the video shows a dark gray SUV crashing into the rear of the business at the 44-second mark.

 A man who appears to be in his 20s and who is wearing a red jacket and a red and black baseball cap (possibly Chicago Bulls) gets out of the passenger side door as the SUV backs out of camera range. At the 1:29 mark, the SUV turns left into the alley, heading west.

According to police, a woman in her 20s with black shoulder-length hair was driving the SUV when it crashed into the wall. An employee of a nearby business who went to investigate the cause of the impact said he arrived in the alley and heard a man arguing while standing outside of the vehicle. He then saw the man get into the driver’s seat and drive away. A woman was sitting in the passenger seat at that time, he told police.

Police say the two people inside the SUV are suspects in the Jan. 16 burglary of a home in the 4100 block of Raymond Avenue, just down the block from where the SUV crashed into the building.

A witness reported seeing a gray SUV idling in the alley behind an acquaintance’s residence prior to 11:30 a.m. A man who appeared to be in his 20s was loading a large black speaker box into the SUV and a female wearing a red sweater or coat was sitting in the driver’s seat, according to the police report.

The witness reportedly drove around the block to get a better look and saw the SUV leaving the alley westbound before turning southbound onto Deyo Avenue. The witness then notified the owner of the residence, who came home to find it had been ransacked.

Among the items reported stolen were a Playstation 3 videogame system, a Playstation 4 videogame system, several Playstation video games, an Alienware desktop computer, keyboard and monitor, a router, two flat-panel TVs, two subwoofer speakers, an amplifier, a Comcast modem, miscellaneous jewelry and watches, a cup filled with $2 bills and an iPad.

Entry was gained through an apparently unlocked basement window, according to police.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Brookfield Police Department at 708-485-8131.