Below are candidate-submitted answers to a survey Landmark sent out to all candidates running in this year’s elections.

Age: 40

Office sought: Brookfield-LaGrange Park School District 95 Board of Education Member

Previous political experience:  None

Previous community experience: 

  • Active annually in Village of Brookfield’s Project N.I.C.E.
  • Involved in many community service projects with the Kappa Sigma Fraternity and during my early years having achieved the rank of Eagle Scout


  • Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies
  • University of Illinois at Chicago

 Occupation: Licensed Architect


The school district is experiencing overcrowding, particularly at Brook Park School and the board has taken steps to temporarily relieve that strain. How must the board approach this issue for the future?

 The School District performed a Demographic study and held informational meetings regarding the expanding student population.  I think these were helpful steps in gathering the information needed so that the Board of Education can make some informed important decisions in the future.  But looking forward, I think the Board should explore all the possibilities whether that is a new Primary School building, an addition to the Elementary School or doing a utilization study to find existing space that may be better used at the Middle School.


Should foreign language instruction be expanded in District 95? If so, how should that be done? If not, why?

 I think it would be nice to expand the Spanish foreign language at the Elementary level to all students and or offer a second language at the Middle School if possible.  At the elementary level a computer based learning program with some instruction could be a way but the cost and would have to be evaluated and what would be the changes to the other parts of the curriculum.  


How well has District 95 integrated technology into its curriculum? Has it been successful? How should the district approach technology in the future?

 This past summer the District added a Technology Director and has implemented an excellent three plan to upgrade the technology infrastructure.  By performing some of the work in-house and spreading it out over time this will save the District money.  I think that a goal to create a one tablet or laptop per Middle School student to take home should be a goal in the future for the District.


District 95 changed its grade-reporting system to a standards-based one at Brook Park School but has not done so at Gross Middle School. What are your thoughts on the new grade-reporting method? Should it be continued and expanded to include Gross Middle School?

I think the new grade reporting system is much more informative than the previous system and gives more insight to the skills being learned.  I defiantly think it should be implemented at the Middle School.


How should District 95 address and fund its ongoing infrastructure needs?

 With the exploding growth of the student population something needs to be done to accommodate these new young minds.   It should be our community’s mission to support these young minds and give them the space to excel.  As an Architect that has been working with many School Districts and other educational professionals, Grade Centers are growing to be part of the 21st century learning.   A new Primary School would be ideal but funding it and finding a place to put will be a challenge.  We will need to create something permanent that the community would be proud of and way might be to restructure the District’s current Bond debt with a referendum.   


What other important issues do you think the next school board will face, and how would you like to see those addressed? 

An important issue that has been discussed in the past is full day kindergarten.  Since it has been studied that there is no space for a full day program, I think that the District should make full day kindergarten part of the new facilities construction.