I’m writing in support of Jeff Miller’s candidacy for the two year slot on the District 96 school board. I’ve known Jeff for decades — we worked for the same firm for a number of years — and I was very glad when he and his family moved Riverside in 2007. I thought at the time that he would be a great asset to the community, and I think he’s confirmed my impression by running for the school board.

I remember talking with him about Riverside before they bought a house here — he immediately asked about the schools, in particular. With two children in District 96, he’s driven by his interest for what causes student success in schools, and how we might benefit from that knowledge. He’s spent quite a lot of time analyzing how our schools stack up against those around us, and has asked some difficult questions that we haven’t heard our school board asking openly.

Jeff is a physicist by training, and analytical by nature. Importantly for this board, he brings a healthy willingness to look for evidence when thinking about effectiveness. He has been for many years one of the partners of a financial trading firm based in Chicago, and he is very familiar with the difficult task of allocating limited resources.

With Jeff’s Ph.D. in physics and his own two children in D96, he was a natural spark for rekindling the Central School Science Fair after a long hiatus. I have firsthand experience of how well he works with others to achieve a common goal. I also know that he’s been an active member of the Olmsted Society board and is well-regarded there, too. 

To be effective, any new member of the school board needs to bring a collaborative working style, and Jeff certainly does.

Peter Carl