Juliet Boyd, Dan Hunt, Rob McCormack and Rich Regan are four working professionals with children in District 96. We come together to offer real, effective oversight for District 96 and to lead the district back to a status as a premier school district in Illinois. We will support the dedicated professionals hired to implement this vision. We are running as a slate and believe that together we can achieve great things for District 96. 

We possess varied strengths and experiences. Juliet Boyd is an attorney and business owner who participated in an early release planning group. Dan Hunt has an MBA with over 17 years of experience as an information technology professional. Robert McCormack is a Marine Corps veteran, plant manager and MBA who has firsthand experience with special education in the district. Rich Regan is a director of the Lyric Opera who oversees five collective bargaining units. Both Juliet and Rich were appointed to the board in 2014.

As the recent past has shown, a divided board can lead to frustration and distraction. Each of us is dedicated to an enhancing our children’s education, academic excellence for the district and accountability for the administration. 

Through enhanced education, we hope to have a positive influence on the quality of instruction by providing educators with the resources they need and encouraging innovative instructors. 

By academic excellence, we will ensure that the district’s students are well-prepared for high school success and that the district is re-established as one of the top 50 in Illinois. By accountability, we will set high goals for the administration, listen intently on their progress, celebrate their successes and identify areas where they can perform even better.

As a district with great staff and resources, a substantial surplus and property taxes that support both, we will provide greater value for the taxpayers, insuring that student needs drive spending. 

The district’s growing annual attendance will be acknowledged through short- and long-term planning, particularly important given the age of our facilities and the real likelihood that there will be fewer sources of state funding. 

We must shepherd our resources carefully. Once expenses are budgeted and risks are taken into account, taxpayers should not be forgotten. The board should consider programs to provide relief to taxpayers.

The two- and four-year seats on this year’s ballot represent a great opportunity for the four of us to bring stability to the district and focus on working with our administration to returning our schools to the Top 50. 

Negotiating a fair collective bargaining agreement and choosing a new superintendent will play big parts in this. Much work lies ahead. We look forward to taking on these challenges. We four together ask for your vote on April 7.

Dan Hunt, Robert McCormack and Rich Regan are seeking election to the Riverside District 96 school board.

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