We’re writing to express our support of Juliet Boyd’s candidacy in the upcoming District 96 Board of Education election. Juliet was appointed to the board this past fall to fill one of the vacated seats. 

During her short time on the board, we’ve watched her put the best interest of the students first, while keeping the financial and business needs of the district in mind. Juliet is a skilled mediator who respectfully listens to all sides of the issues and has a rare ability to bring all parties to the table for constructive conversation. 

It’s not a surprise that she has been appointed to participate on the team negotiating the collective bargaining agreement with the teachers union this summer. Juliet is committed to negotiating a contract that is fair to all sides and puts the children of the district first. 

We urge you to vote for Juliet on April 7 so she can continue this essential work for our school district. 

Jack and Liz Buoscio