I agree with the Landmark’s endorsement of Rich Regan and Juliet Boyd. They have been working hard to end the chaos at District 96, which began with the Colleen Lieggi disaster. 

I do not doubt the qualifications of Jeff Miller and Shari Klyber, but I am concerned about their position regarding District 96’s “tax to the max” policy. Ms. Klyber and Mr. Miller are strongly endorsed by devotees of Lamberson’s decade-long policy of “you can never tax too much.” 

In their letters published in the Landmark, both have carefully avoided any discussion of tax revenue, an omission I find troubling.

District 96 taxes are damaging Riverside property values and the village itself. When buyers come to Riverside and see $12,000-plus tax bills for an average house, they look elsewhere. 

Rob McCormick and Dan Hunt are willing to look at budget cuts, so long as they do not harm the academic program. There is little doubt the potential for such cuts exist. For both the kids and community, I strongly endorse Rich Regan, Juliet Boyd, Dan Hunt and Rob McCormick. 

We need an excellent school system with appropriate, not extravagant tax revenue.

Robert E. DeDera