Nearly five months after preheating the ovens and serving its first fresh slice of pizza pie, Sliccily Pizza Pub in North Riverside officially welcomed residents of the area at its grand opening earlier this month.

On Thursday, May 7, the waiters and bartenders at Sliccily, 8427 Cermak Road, served up free pizza, drinks and camaraderie all evening long in an effort to invite locals of all ages to come check out what the village’s newest eatery is all about. 

While Sliccily owner Chris Angelos first opened the doors on Dec.15, 2014, he decided to give the restaurant a few months to work out the kinks and host the grand opening when patrons could enjoy a full menu and warm weather.

“I wanted to make sure my menu was perfect and keep doing what people like,” Angelos said. 

Besides the food and drinks, guests were able to enjoy playing games of beanbag toss in the parking lot, listen to a live DJ and watch an exciting Blackhawks playoff game. 

“It was a beautiful night. There was so much excitement [and] I wanted to do it for the community,” Angelos said. “It’s a good vibe and atmosphere.”

Angelos comes to the area after years of restaurant experience and ownership.

“Actually, I was born into the restaurant business,” he said. “My dad had a restaurant in Lombard for years.”

From 1997 to 2004, he owned a hot dog stand on Clark Street in the Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago. Afterwards, he worked for Giordano’s, Au Bon Pain and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. 

Angelos, who lives in the South Loop, decided to open his new restaurant in North Riverside because of the high traffic volume in the area and the lack of a similar type restaurant in town to attract young adults and young families. Additionally, Angelos’ sister owns the building. 

“This is a great location,” Angelos said. “We’ve got the zoo, the military base, Loyola [Medical Center] and a lot of big neighborhoods over here with young people moving back from the city.”

Angelos believes Sliccily is a unique addition to the neighborhood because the restaurant has an upbeat atmosphere and a menu that caters to everyone. Foods on the menu range from hearty and meaty to fresh and vegetarian. Sliccily also has select gluten-free pasta options.

“My dough is GMO (genetically modified organism) free, almost organic,” he said. “I’m marketing towards kids, adults, older and younger crowds and parties.”

Regarding the naming of the restaurant, Angelos said there really is no unique story behind it. After brainstorming quirky titles, he came up with “Sliccily” and felt it would be a distinct name that fits with the nature of the restaurant being primarily focused on pizza.

“It’s like a slice of something,” he added. “It’s a fun name and a lot of people like it.”

Overall, Angelos said he has been pleased with business over the past few months and appreciates both positive and negative feedback.

“Generally, people like our atmosphere,” he said. “It’s clean, we give good service and the food is good. With those three things, I think we can make it.”