Riverside’s July 3 and 4 celebration of Independence Day was truly great, and the Friends of the Fourth would like to thank all who helped make it possible, including those who so generously gave donations and volunteered their time, the businesses who were present on July 3 for a party in the park, and the churches and groups who kept the party going on July 4. You bought T-shirts declaring yourself as Friends of the Fourth to help support the effort. 

To all who marched in the parade, you did so with pride. Special thanks goes to Ron Malchiodi and the staff at the Riverside Recreation Department who made it work. The village of Riverside and their staff, the police and fire departments and the public works department gave it their all to help our village celebrate our country’s birthday. This was a celebration for Riverside with the help of its residents.

We thank you again for showing your spirit and for truly being a Friend of the Fourth.

Joe Ballerine, Andy Daun, Danny Jisa, JoAnne Kosey, Rey Navarro, and Ben Sells

The Friends of the Fourth