Beginning on June 22, workers broke ground on the installation of the mobile unit classrooms at Brook Park Elementary School in LaGrange Park. The first week of construction included preliminary preparations, including the foundation building in accordance with Metropolitan Water Reclamation District requirements for water detention, installation of support piers and installing electric, plumbing, fire alarm and other services to the construction area. 

By July 2, all mobile units had arrived at the site. Currently, workers continue to finish all interior aspects of the mobile units, including the installation of flooring, data service connections, heating and air-conditioning systems testing and more. 

The district is also on schedule to have the new mobile units ready for inspection by the West 40 Intermediate Service Center, which acts as a Cook County regional education office, on July 30.

District 95 Superintendent Mark Kuzniewski says the district has been very satisfied with how the project is rolling out.

“EMOD, the company overseeing the project and the vendor responsible for the units themselves, has been very attentive to detail, responsive when minor issues have arisen and has maintained their schedule even in less than desirable rain conditions,” Kuzniewski said.

Additionally, Kuzniewski says the district has not received any negative feedback from neighboring residents of Brook Park, something he says may be credited to proactive communication with residents prior to the start of construction. 

This spring, district officials hand-delivered letters to the surrounding homes, detailing the construction timeline and inviting residents to contact Kuzniewski directly with questions and concerns. 

Kuzniewski is happy the community seems receptive to the project and hopes that upon completion of the mobile units, residents will see the impact the new construction will have regarding the growth of school enrollment and lack of classroom space in the district.

“I’m certain the community has some level of concern and praise for the project,” he said. “I don’t believe the concern lies with the units themselves, but more likely what the modular units represent — a clear indication that our space issues are real and that future steps to address a long-term solution to growth, not only at Brook Park but at S.E. Gross as well.”