Lyons-Brookfield Elementary School District 103 lost some longtime teachers and administrators for next year. Two social workers, orchestra and PE teachers, the school nurse and the technology director submitted their resignations at the July 23 meeting.

Since the April 7 school board elections, 18 resignations of teachers, administrators and staff have been submitted. Turnover is commonplace in school districts during the summer, but a citizen commenter recently complained only eight had quit the previous year at that time, and it might signal a morale problem. 

 “One of the gauges of employee morale and institutional stability is attrition rate,” said Lyons resident Toni Parker, who ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the school board in April. “I hope that the board will look into the root cause of doubling the attrition rate.”

One resignation letter possibly alluded to the change in district leadership.  

“It is extremely disappointing to me that after putting eight years of my heart and soul into George Washington Middle School that it has to end like this,” wrote social worker Jennifer Elliott. Elliott did not give specific reasons for quitting in her letter.

Turnover was less common in the past, especially in the district’s tech department, wrote exiting Technology Director Bryan Drozd in an email.

“Up until now, as a department, technology was one of the most consistent, with the same core staffing for the past eight-ten years,” Drozd wrote. 

The department rarely outsourced any projects and had established replacement cycles, outfitted the district with security cameras at a $100,000 savings and set up the district for a “one-to-one rollout” (if the district goes in that direction), Drozd said. One-to-one programs assign each student an individual device.

Drozd said he hoped he left the district with a “strong technology environment,” but he hoped work would continue on the finance database and making sure parent communication continues.

Drozd did not give reasons for leaving, but he encouraged community members to be more engaged. 

“I hope the community realizes they have a voice,” Drozd said. “I hope they will pay attention to what is happening, show up a at board meetings, examine the agendas and really hold people accountable.”

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