A couple of weeks ago, the Landmark asked Lyons-Brookfield Elementary School District 103 for the resume of its new director of technology, John Williamsen. The document provided by the district at that time appeared to show a glaring hole in Williamsen’s work history.

The resume showed Williamsen most recently employed as educational technology facilitator at Special Education Joint Agreement School District 802 (SPEED) in Chicago Heights from “2010-present.” 

But Williamsen last job was actually in Fairmount School District 89 in Lockport, where was fired in 2014, amid much administrative turmoil in that district. District 103, however, now says it sent the Landmark a resume that Williamsen had provided to the district when he applied for an open job in 2011.

After repeated contacts, the district provided the Landmark with an updated resume last week showing Williamsen’s time at Fairmont District 89 in Lockport. Williamsen was fired for cause in June 2014 after a conflict with the superintendent regarding surveillance video.  

A federal lawsuit was filed against the Lockport district and superintendent, who was accused of possibly destroying evidence. Reached last week, Williamsen said he couldn’t comment on the incident because of continuing litigation. 

Williamsen said he applied to District 103 in 2011 for a systems administrator job and submitted his resume at that time. Administrative Secretary Marge Hubacek confirmed there were two resumes “in the system” and the district submitted the older document to the Landmark. 

Calls and emails to Williamsen and District 103 Superintendent Kyle Hastings went unanswered for two weeks before the Landmark published the story.

Williamsen will be paid $89,000 plus benefits at District 103. His previous salary at Lockport was $59,000, according to online school board documents.