After a four-year run as a part of the school’s homecoming week, there was no talent show during homecoming week at Riverside-Brookfield High School this year. 

In a story first reported by the Clarion, the RBHS student newspaper, the demise of the student talent show came about because RB music teacher and band leader James Baum, who had created and organized the talent show on a volunteer basis in the past, decided not to organize the show this year after being reduced to part-time status. 

This year Baum is teaching one fewer course than a full teaching load and is being paid 90 percent of a full-time salary. 

“The show has run for 4 years with me as the volunteer director and producer,” Baum said in an email to the Landmark. “In years that the show runs we usually have auditions followed by 3-4 intensive rehearsals. It’s a rather large undertaking that takes up much of my time. When the district made adjustments to my teaching load, I had to make adjustments in my personal life, and I couldn’t offer my time to ‘RB’s Got Talent’ this year. I hope to bring it back next year.” 

No one else stepped up to put on the show during homecoming week when it had been traditionally held, but a show could take place later in the school year. 

“This event has always been run on a volunteer basis,” said Principal Kristin Smetana in an email. “There was not an attempt to get someone else to put it together for homecoming week, but we are looking to see if someone else would be interested in volunteering to put on the show later in the year.”