Construction on East Burlington Street in downtown Riverside is scheduled to start March 14, weather permitting, and should be completed by the end of the summer, according to information given to business owners at a pre-construction meeting held last week in Riverside.

The $2.3 million project will include the reconstruction of the streetscape in the downtown area, complete with brick paver sidewalks, natural stone planters and other amenities. East Burlington Street will also be resurfaced along its entire length, from Longcommon Road to Harlem Avenue.

The resurfacing portion of the project will be completed after the streetscape construction is completed.

The sequence of the streetscape construction has changed from initial plans, in order to accommodate downtown businesses, said Village President Ben Sells. Instead of work beginning at the eastern edge of downtown on the north side of Burlington and moving counter-clockwise, work will begin at the eastern edge of the downtown on the south side of the street (near Arcade Jewelers) and move clockwise.

According to Sells, that will allow the streetscape to be completed in front of Chew Chew and soon-to-open Sawmilly restaurants before summer and won’t affect Riverside Foods until July or August, which is a traditionally slow period for that business.

It will also allow construction of the streetscape in front of the Village Center to be completed before the proposed opening of new restaurant there in early fall.

   Parking will be prohibited on the side of the street where construction of the streetscape will be occurring, but Sells said the village has promised there will also be accessible walkways to businesses and access to parking for customers.

In addition, until resurfacing of the street takes place later in the year, two-way traffic will continue at all times on East Burlington Street.

The construction contract calls for the project to be completed in 75 days. However, the clock on that time frame won’t start until May 1, according to Sells. The Illinois Department of Transportation is the lead agency for the project. The general contractor is A. Lamp Concrete Contractors.

Riverside has received three grants totaling $1.96 million for the work. The village will cover the difference of the cost of construction.