Joe Knapcik would drop Dolores off every Sunday at the side entrance at Mater Christi Church. She crossed to the door, held open by me, with her usual bright-eyed, bubbling smile. As she entered, she always touched my hand or shoulder and gave her positive greeting that just brightened up the whole area.

While this was happening, Joe was busy parking perfectly in the diagonal space across the street. He then followed Dolores and gave me a big hub after his perfect parking. He and Dolores were together for 67 years, sharing love with the world.

Dolores loved life, Joe, all her family and most of the rest of the world. At 94, she was called to the next plateau to share her goodness on a higher level.

For seven years I shared this scene at Mater Christi and was greeted and inspired over 300 times. If Dolores Knapcik had gotten a nickel every time she shared her love and goodness with another person, she would have had a million dollars.

I am honored to have known her and thank her so much for sharing the real meaning of life — loving and caring — but Sundays will never be the same, ever.

Jim Zak

North Riverside