It was the week before Mother’s Day when I ran into a friend and, after the usual pleasantries, inquired about his mother and if they would be getting together on Sunday. Yes, was the reply, and mom would be cooking for the family. 

I immediately went into “mommy mode” and felt it was my obligation to gently berate him and explain that was a day they should be treating her. In a polite way, he explained how his mother enjoyed cooking for the family and that is what mothers do. 

I suppose I should have considered myself told and only hoped that his mom would enjoy her day.

While I like to think that every day is Mother’s Day, the date will serve as a reminder to many to stop and think about dear mom and those people who are like a mom to you. To me, they should also count in the celebration of the day.

 Thinking back to my mom, I wish I had paid closer attention to her cooking. Yes, she would have been one of those who would have cooked on Mother’s Day and would have made everything her family liked. 

I also have said to myself while growing up that, when I had children, I would never do or say the things my mom said or did. Yet how many times while my children were growing up did I say things that were said to me and almost as if it was my mother’s voice. 

They are what we might call “mom-isms” that were not unique to my Mom but to many a Mom. I was always told to have money so I had some if I needed to call home. 

Of course, that’s obsolete now. These days she’d say, “Make sure your phone is charged in case you need me.” 

One of my favorites was, “Make sure you have on clean underwear on in case you’re in an accident.” That was my mom, those things were important to her. Like the time our house was burglarized, and the police commented on how clean the closets were. That made her feel good. Mom, they just stole some of your things!

I will celebrate on Sunday with my family and remember my mom, but like many others she is remembered on the other 364 days of the year. Happy Mother’s Day!