Your editorial regarding tax paying residents being shutout of using the RB track is perfectly stated (“No good reason for RBHS track closure,” The Landmark View, July 27). The board and superintendent should heed your advice and immediately open the track to community residents. Without the tax dollars of residents RB would not exist.

The reasons the superintendent and board have given are bureaucratic and legal baloney. The lawsuit and construction has nothing to do with the track. Groups and students have been using the track/football area for weeks if not months. 

The company line is that these groups and students are supervised. Why couldn’t walkers/runners use the track at the same time? In the 30-plus years I have been using the track, I have run during all kinds of activities: band practice, cheerleader practice, soccer practice, football practice and other activities. 

The policy is wrong and is punishing the very residents that support the school with their tax dollars. I implore the board and superintendent to revisit their current policy and open the track to tax paying residents immediately.

Joseph M. Leary