There’s a new look for an old town with the recent changes to Riverside’s central business district. This is one of the biggest changes since the parking went from diagonal to parallel. 

Brick pavers, benches, planters, large planters, trees, there were many changes made. Some of the new trees are in and plants are going in some places as well. It looks good, but I would have preferred benches placed differently or to have been backless. 

Trash receptacles are missing, so we need to get them soon to prevent people from tossing their trash into the planters. We also need bike racks. 

I know it’s not finished yet, and for the most part I like it. Handicap parking is necessary, but I’m not quite sure of the placement of the one far down on Burlington. 

The Lions Club’s Person of the Year dinner honoring Jenny White was a great evening. White was presented with a plate from Higgins Glass in Riverside designed for her by Louise Wimmer. 

The evening included the popular emcee Dave Moravecek, who proceeded to introduce White’s father, Dave Newman, who made some heartfelt comments before Jenny took to the podium. 

In a humble speech, she remembered two Lions members who have recently passed away, Scuffy Gross and Dennis Sadilek. They were active in many things aside from the Lions and their presence was missed though they were well represented by their wives, Sue Gross and Mary Ann Sadilek.

Could this be the year? If not at least I’m enjoying the journey with the Cubs and hoping for October. 

I have always been a Cub fan as was my mother. We would watch the games together but she didn’t take me to any games, though she did take her grandchildren, humph. They would go and love to sit in the bleachers, no matter what the weather. 

They would also eat hot dogs at the game because my dad believed you don’t go to a ball game and not have a red hot. She also had her favorite players, Mark Grace being one of them. 

We weren’t allowed to criticize the Cubs, but we did learn what it means to enjoy the games they did win. Haven’t been to a game in a long time and took a pass on going to watch a game from the rooftop a few years ago. 

Go Cubs! Let’s post those Ws.