Scott Kizior and Paula Korreckt

The burglary of a downtown Riverside business and an attempted break-in at another on Sept. 4 resulted in part, according to the two people arrested for the incidents, from a blocked railroad crossing.

Riverside police investigators said Paula R. Korreckt, 43, and Scott D. Kizior, 42, both of Berwyn, told them they were driving south on Harlem Avenue just after midnight and got stopped at the East Burlington Street intersection because a freight train was blocking the crossing.

So they turned west and headed into downtown Riverside where, police said, they decided to try to break into a business to get money to support their drug habits.

At the first business they encountered downtown — Salon D’Amore, 52 E. Burlington St. — they grabbed landscaping bricks and tried to break out the business’ windows. When that attempt failed, they went over to Aunt Diana’s Old Fashioned Fudge, 29 E. Burlington St., and did the same thing.

The two gained entry to the candy store and Kizior allegedly went into the business and stole a safe containing cash and keys while Korreckt acted as a lookout. A video surveillance camera reportedly caught the burglary in progress. After Kizior grabbed the safe, the two got in their vehicle and left the village, police said.

A break in the case came Sept. 7 when Chicago police notified Riverside of the arrest of two people suspected of burglarizing a restaurant in the 4700 block of 26th Street. The suspects and method of entry were similar to the Riverside incidents.

Riverside police interviewed Korreckt and Kizior on Sept. 12, and the two reportedly gave police written confessions about the Riverside burglaries.

Both Korreckt and Kizior have extensive criminal histories, including burglary and drug offenses. They each were charged with one count of burglary and one count of attempted burglary and are being held in Cook County Jail, awaiting a Sept. 16 hearing at the Maybrook courthouse.

Kizior is being held on $150,000 bond. Korreckt’s bond was set at $75,000.