Happy July 5; hope you all had a fun and safe holiday. This week’s column is being written earlier than usual due to the holiday deadline, so I am off schedule but that’s OK, because I’m doing something different this week. 

Normally, I do not write about things that may be termed “controversial,” but this week I am expressing an opinion, which is not meant to offend anyone.

A banner was posted this week in Guthrie Park in Riverside, the site of many informative signs. This one – a rainbow banner celebrating Pride Month — upset many people. 

I did not know about the sign until it was brought to my attention by a former resident who wanted information about it. Maybe I am naïve, but all I saw was a sign that looked very nice but I had no idea of what it said. You see, I was more interested in driving through town navigating the traffic and construction and not having or causing an accident. 

Nor did I want to take the time to park the car to go see the banner up close. To be honest I was more concerned about the Friends of the Fourth banner getting up to tell everyone of the plans for the July 3 and 4, with a good time for all.

When I read about the banner, which I don’t find controversial, I more or less felt, “So what, it wasn’t hurting anyone. Let’s move on.”

It reminded me of when I was a teenager, and a nice young man from town wondered why I was so nice to him, because he was Jewish. His remark bothered me, because it made no difference to me, much like the message sent by the banner. It makes no difference to me. There are things and people that are alike and things and people that are different. I think we have more things to be concerned about.

So this, too, has passed. The regulations for signs in the park will be reviewed and all will be peaceful again in our little hamlet. I understand why some people feel the way they do, and that is their right and I will defend that right.

  Well, now that I’m finished with that, I look forward to writing about the happenings in the Landmark area, things you know or things you may want to know and that’s more what this column is all about.