In Illinois during 2016, there were 101 crossing collisions involving motor vehicles, which resulted in 43 injuries and 24 fatalities.  In addition, there were 41 trespasser incidents that resulted in 19 injuries and 22 fatalities when people trespassed onto railroad property. During 2016, Illinois ranked second in the nation in vehicle collision fatalities and seventh in the nation in trespasser fatalities.

To promote rail safety awareness and education, the Brookfield and Riverside police departments will be participating in Illinois Rail Safety Week, which begins Sunday, Sept. 24. Enforcement details are planned throughout the week at various railroad grade crossings and commuter stations within Brookfield to cite both drivers and pedestrians who disobey the laws associated with railroad grade crossings and railroad property. In addition, police officers will be distributing literature to the public that contains information on how to be safe around trains and train tracks.

According to Illinois Operation Lifesaver, more than 86 percent of all collisions occur at crossings with active warning devices (flashing lights, gates, and ringing bells). For more information about Illinois Rail Safety Week, please visit

*Submitted by the Brookfield and Riverside police departments