Bob Daily

Did you know that the CBS series “Superior Donuts” has a local connection? Executive Producer Bob Daily is a former Riverside resident and Riverside-Brookfield High School graduate, class of 1978. 

Daily was awarded an Alumni Achievement Medal in 2004. A plaque with his picture and short bio is on the school’s Wall of Fame, which is located near the district offices at the school. 

Following his graduation from RBHS, Daily attended the University of Chicago and worked as a Chicago journalist after graduating. It is easy to see how so much of what happens in the show has a Chicago feel with references made to locales, landmarks and teams.

“Superior Donuts” is not the only work of Daily’s that I am familiar with; I have been a fan of “Desperate Housewives,” for which Daily was an executive producer.

As one who likes trivia, did you know that you will spend about a year of your life looking for items you have lost? 

I think I have already used my year, but have always been one who would say a prayer to St. Anthony when I have misplaced, not lost, something. As I say, we Catholics have a saint for everything and St. Anthony is the one for lost articles, not lost minds.

Did you know this Saturday, Nov. 4 at 3 p.m., you are invited to the Riverside Public Library, 1 Burling Road, to honor Dorothy Sikora on her retirement? Dorothy is recognizable by her always-smiling face and willingness to help. It seems she is always there when there is something happening at the library and with the Riverside Chamber of Commerce.

It will seem funny not to see her at the library. She said she will now have more time to spend as a grandma, and I bet she will have more time to read some of those books she has seen come across the library desk. Thanks for all you have done.

Speaking of the library, this column is coming to you from a computer at the Riverside Public Library; seems the gremlins have attacked my computer and I had no internet. Thanks Janice Foley and the people at the library.

Did you know, technology is a wonderful thing when it works, but when it doesn’t that’s another story or column.