I encourage residents in Illinois House District 24 to vote for Rep. Lisa Hernandez because she has demonstrated her grit, determination, and ability to work with all legislators, regardless of party, to effect positive change in Illinois. 

She helped craft and pass education funding reform, which is a start to more equitable educational funding. It will bring 20 million extra dollars to D24 each year. She also co-sponsored the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill, which will open up many job opportunities in green technology, putting Illinois at the forefront of the green energy revolution. Her 100 percent support for the environment has earned her the Sierra Club endorsement. 

Additionally, she was instrumental in passing the Trust Act, which made Illinois the state with the strongest protections for our immigrant population. The legislative list goes on and on. She also serves on many committees, including education, consumer protection, and health care. 

In addition to her impressive record, Lisa has the right demeanor for the job. She is an oasis in our harsh, loud political environment because she is soft spoken, although her words are powerful. She listens and considers all points of view before making a thoughtful decision. Her experience has taught her how to negotiate and how to move legislation through the House and this is why she has been a successful representative for our district. …

Lisa’s many years of work in Cicero School District 99 gave her valuable inside knowledge of the intricacies of school funding and grant requirements in addition to the education work she has done at the state level. Our current president ran primarily on the “need for change,” but has proven disastrous.

In the case of Lisa Hernandez, voters would be wise to value her experience and expertise and send her back to Springfield to continue to work for us.

Fran Alcántara