The preliminary budget for the new Brookfield Public Library is nearly $350,000 more than what library officials want to spend on the new library, but architect Dan Pohrte told library trustees last week not to worry because the numbers are still preliminary and they have lots of time to make adjustments.

“We’re not overly concerned,” Pohrte said. “We absolutely have options. We can accommodate the deficit with minor adjustments.”

The conceptual budget Pohrte presented to the library board last week indicated that new library could cost about $10.84 million. Library officials hope to keep the cost of the new building, which is expected to be built next year, at about $10.5 million.

The conceptual budget includes a contingency fee of $550,000 to cover any unexpected costs but Pohrte said that he hopes to whittle the final cost down. Now that the village of Brookfield has approved the library’s preliminary planned unit development application, Pohrte will begin sending out plans to cost estimators and will get a more precise estimate of costs.

The conceptual budget includes construction allowance of just over a $6.9, about $1.1 million for overhead and profit for the general contractor, and $756,000 for the architect’s fee. The conceptual budget also includes $153,000 for permit fees. Normally the village of Brookfield charges 1.75 percent of a project’s cost in fees.

But library Director Kimberly Coughran and Brookfield Village Manager Timothy Wiberg both believe the village board approval might be willing to waive some of those fees, especially those related to village staff time spent on the project.

At the village board’s June 10 committee of the whole meeting, trustees will discuss a draft intergovernmental agreement waiving a portion of the fees that the library would normally be expected to pay.

Wiberg said that it doesn’t seem to make much sense for one taxing body in Brookfield to be charging fees to another Brookfield taxing another, since the same taxpayers support both the village and the library. Technically the library is part of village government.

“You’re robbing Peter to pay Paul,” Wiberg said. 

Subject to board approval, the village would only waive fees related to village staff time spent on the project and would not waive any fees related to third-party costs the village incurs such as engineering costs and legal fees.

“Every little bit helps,” Coughran said.

Village President Kit Ketchmark said what portion, if any, of the fees to waive will be up to the village board.

“Tim and I discussed this briefly, but it’s up to the board to discuss,” Ketchmark said.

Duner named board president

Last week’s library board meeting was the board’s biannual reorganization meeting, and longtime board member Dianne Duner was unanimously elected to serve as board president for the next two years.

She replaces Linda Kampschroeder, who is moving to the position of board secretary after serving as president for the past two years. Jennifer Perry was unanimously selected to serve as board vice-president.