Kids in Riverside have the opportunity to win some nifty raffle prizes at the end of the summer courtesy if they participate in a new bike safety program initiated by the Riverside Junior Women’s Charity.

The organization’s “Wear It to Win It” program asks kids in grades K through eight to wear helmets while riding their bikes this summer. At the end of the school year, special stickers went home from local elementary schools.

If you’ve lost your sticker, parents and kids can pick one up at the Riverside Parks and Recreation Department offices at 10 Pine Ave. Kids can place the stickers inside their bike helmets. Each sticker has space for 10 “buys” or “visits” to eight local businesses. When a child visits a participating location with their helmet this summer, an employee will validate the sticker with a stamp for that location.

Those who collect 10 stamps will be entered into a raffle that includes prizes like Fitbits, fitness classes, Aunt Diana’s candy, Air Buds and more. Winners will be drawn after the Cori’s Kids Triathlon on Aug. 10.

Businesses participating in the program are Riverside Foods, Aunt Diana’s, Empanadus, Riverside Parks and Recreation, Riverside Garage, Riverside Public Library, Riverside Swim Club and Stella’s Batting Cages.