It took some badgering, but the Illinois Department of Transportation has finally agreed, it appears, to implementing some additional pedestrian safety measures at the intersection of First Avenue and Forest/Ridgewood in Riverside.

The reflective ladder crosswalk and pavement markings warning motorists that they’re entering a school zone will be welcome additions. The installation of flashing lights to the north and south approaches of the intersection – still not guaranteed – would be even better additions to the streetscape.

Hopefully, the pavements markings, at the very least, can go in before school starts, though we doubt that given the time frame.

Of course, complete separation of pedestrians and motor vehicles would be the best solution, but that’s going to take some local political will and a willingness on the part of IDOT and Cook County to even consider such a proposal.

While such an endeavor doesn’t appear to be on the radar right now, it shouldn’t be consigned to limbo simply because it’s a daunting project.