Today we live in a world all the more connected to one another.

Our behaviors and actions have untold consequences which affect other people, as well as, our own lives. 

Persons who are even thinking about stealing or robbing from another’s life truly need to reflect and give thought to what a few hundred or even thousands of dollars stolen would be worth compared to the five to 15 years of their life spent in prison. 

Certainly there is no dollar amount that could compensate for the countless loss to all of those involved in such actions. Case in point to the incident that took place last week, in our own city of Brookfield, at Knights Antiques & Collectibles. 

Ugo DeLuca, proprietor

Knights Antiques


Ed. note: Mr. DeLuca was the victim of an attempted armed robbery by two men on July 25. One man has been charged with the crime. Police are still searching for the second offender.