As a cyclist who uses the sidewalk as a bike path along First Avenue between Waubansee Road and Ogden Avenue, I would like to compliment the project of weed clearing and paved sidewalk surface restoration along this stretch of roadway. 

When you began, the weeds were overgrown and a hazard to cyclists and pedestrians alike. Crowded plant life was pushing up the soil and it was spreading across the sidewalk surface, creating a larger weed bed plus trip and skid hazards as well. 

Today the undergrowth has been chopped down to the soil. The soil has been removed from the sidewalk surface along with the rocks, residue and broken glass. I would have suggested a crew with shovels followed by a second squad with push brooms. 

Judging from the tracks, I believe I should be thanking an aggressive gentleman with a Bobcat. While I wish that you had avoided the metal flap covering the capped pipe, mid sidewalk, just north of the bridge, that cap is something that folks can see and avoid. Other than that, bravo!

Others may read this, look at the work and complain, “Too much.” But, as my dear mother once observed, “If you trim the shrubs in front of your house and at least one neighbor does not tell you that ‘you trimmed too much,’ then you probably did not trim enough.”

C.P. Hall