Whenever the kids yell “Trick or treat!” on Halloween, I usually reply, “I am the treat.” That doesn’t go over well with the little goblins, who are seeking Halloween goodies, so they don’t laugh and I give them what they want.

Halloween has become the biggest occasion for decorating, surpassing Christmas, which is evident by the number of skeletons, ghosts and spooky creatures inhabiting front lawns. 

This year there seem to be an enormous number of skeletons — just drive by to see the boney spectacle on the corner of Longcommon and Selborne. At the Kosey home, we go for cutesy decorations. Our ghosts are smiling, the witch on the door is pleasant and the scarecrows don’t scare anything. 

We do have many pumpkins, not real, much to the disappointment of the squirrels, who like to eat the real ones. They were not happy with the fake ones, which they scattered across the lawn in defiance.

Costumes? This year there will probably many characters from the movie “Frozen” as well as ghosts, princesses, pirates and Draculas. When teaching at Mater Christi School, we fun teachers donned costumes. I went as a nun, in a habit, two years in a row and the kids wondered what Mrs. Kosey was. 

After that, I transitioned the costume into a witch, just a change of headpiece and I was identifiable. 

Times have changed. Went to a costume party where you were to dress as nondescript holiday. I went as Election Day, wore black and put every campaign button I had on. So as not to cause any arguments, all parties were represented, some were just better placed. 

Naturally the creative couple who came dressed as Ground Hog Day won. Clever and cute, they deserved it and it took a lot of work, whereas I took the easy route and thought I was clever.

Remember when you were a child and you came back from trick-or-treating and your mom said you could have one or two pieces and save the rest for the next days? Did she also tell you she was going to check your goodies after you went to bed to make sure everything was OK? Did you know she was really taking out the candies she liked? 

I will now confess to my children, I did the same thing, but of course they knew that; they are smart kids.

Keep watching on South Delaplaine Road in Riverside as it gets closer to Halloween to see the Sharp family display. Their hard work and creativity is appreciated by this over-aged trick-or-treater. But then you never are too old, are you?