There will be spooky but happy happenings at 24th Street and 10th Avenue in North Riverside on Oct. 29, when Mater Christi Parish hosts its 2nd Annual Trunk or Treat event.

From 5 to 6:30 p.m., ghosts and goblins are invited to 10th Avenue where they will find cars lined up with their trunks open. The trunks will be (g)hosted by costumed adults who will dispense treats from the decorated trunks of their cars. Open to all children in the community, costumes are not necessary but add to the fun.

The early evening ghosting and hosting will include what is being billed as a “not too spooky movie.” Trunk and Treat is a good way to get into the ‘spirit’ of Halloween. Get it? Spirit?

While small, Mater Christi continues to be a vital and active group of people who are led by their pastor, Father Matthew Nemchausky, “reverently” referred to as Father Matt. 

The two main groups within the parish are The Guild, which is the women’s group and the Holy Name Society for the men. Both groups meet monthly with meetings that mix fun and business. 

The Guild, having just held their Fall Fashion Show, are getting ready for their annual Raffle and Bake Sale to be held following all the Masses on the weekend of Nov. 2-3. It will be held in the Marian Room in the church basement.

The Holy Name Society, one of the largest and most active men’s group within the archdiocese, is getting ready for its annual Turkey Shoot, a great event where I have been known to spend $50 trying to win a Daisy brand prasky, all the while telling myself it is for a good cause. Follow The Landmark to learn more about the Turkey Shoot in November.

Mater Christi trivia: Did you know that the school basement was once known as the Marine Room? It was painted a light blue and had a large fish mounted on the wall. The fish was caught by the then pastor, Father Menarik, an avid fisherman. 

The room was renamed Menarik Hall following his death. And the Mother of Mother’s Shrine on the parish grounds was once so busy that two women worked daily to staff the shrine office and keep up with requests including people like Jackie Kennedy and Mrs. Jerry Lewis.

Lots going on at 24th and 10th avenues that now you know about!